Picabo Street, Olympic Gold Medal Winner.

The lifestyle of an athlete seems to consist of never-ending, trial-and-error periods regulateed to the body.

My Body grows immune to some products after much use, forcing me to try other products. I have been lucky to find a few products that continue to work for me without fail. TherFlex and Skin Savor are in that small group.

When I injured my knee in 1996, and with only fourteen months till the 1998 Olympics, I was forced into another trial-and-error period.

But, finding TheraFlex in the first few months was great timing, and using TheraFlex religously everyday with my therapy and my training enabled me to keep moving forward, toward my goal of Gold!. I won that Gold at the Olympics in Nagano, and TheraFlex was a significant factor!

Being an athlete who trains outside in all conditions, naturally I need a great skin product. I started using Skin Savor in the same manner as my TheraFlex and had the same reaction, great results! My skin is protected and preserved even with my outdoor lifestyle!

After winning the Gold Medal, I had a photo shoot, interviews and appearances to make. I was constantly complimented on the condition of my skin, which is a direct result of Skin Savor everyday!

I highly recommend these products to everyone who cares about their skin and body!


Picabo Street

Todd Toriscelli, Head Athletic Trainer/Associate Director of Sports Medicine at Stanford University.

As the Head Athletic Trainer/Associate Director of Sports Medicine at Stanford University, I have had the opportunity to include Theraflex RX products as a part of our treatment and therapy regime.

In a very short period of time they quickly became an integral part to our approach to the treatment of skin conditions as well as post injury pain and stiffness. I have found the skin products to be unique and superior to the products that we have used in the past.

The analgesic balm quickly replaced all other products that we were using and our athletes have come to demand it. In my position it's important to determine what works for the athletes that I serve. Theraflex RX products are backed by research and have been carefully developed. Therefore, they have and will continue to have a prominent role in the treatment of Stanford University athletes.


Todd Toriscelli

Todd Toriscelli entered his 14th season with the Buccaneers in 2010 and first as director of sports medicine and performance serving as the team’s Head Athletic Trainer for his first 13 seasons. In 2002, Toriscelli helped guide the Buccaneers to their first Super Bowl title, a 48-21 victory over Oakland in Super Bowl XXXVII. He has also been instrumental in Tampa Bay’s three NFC South division titles in the past eight seasons. Overall, he has beena part of four division championships during his tenure with the Buccaneers.

Toriscelli coordinates the team’s daily medical coverage which includes performance parameters such as physical development and nutrition. He also oversees the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of players’ injuries.

Prior to coming to Tampa Bay, Toriscelli spent a combined seven years as head trainer for Stanford, Miami (FL), and Kansas State universities. Toriscelli spent 1995 and 1996 as Stanford’s head trainer, while serving as the National Athletic Trainers Association liaison to the NCAA Football Rules Committee during that time period.

Todd Toriscelli, MA, ATC, Head Athletic Trainer for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, is an advocate of using TheraFLEX. "Flexall is a good counterirritant, but TheraFLEX has some healing properties that aid as an anti-inflammatory," he says. Toriscelli learned about the product when he was Head Athletic Trainer at Stanford University, when he was asked to test it by a faculty member who had developed it. He first used TheraFLEX RX on a running back with patellar tendinitis and got good results. "It gave him some relief," he says.

J. Jay Laslie, President and CEO of SkinTonix, says that TheraFLEX is an excellent phonophoretic agent, capable of reducing inflammation when used either with a massage lotion or with ultrasound. He recommends it for use on soft tissue injuries, connective tissue disorders, joint strains, sprains, and arthritis, and as a prophylactic agent to prevent soreness in muscles.


"Joel M. Eichen, D.D.S." wrote:

Hi all:
I've suffered from TMJ/TMD for some time. I'd like to share what worked for me. I came across the below pasted article in the San Mateo County Times.

encourage all of you to read the article and then go the website of Cranio: The Journal of Craniomandibular Practice to get an abstract of the article quoted in the Times article. Google Cranio and then when you come to the Cranio site enter TheraFlex in the article search. Of course you can google TheraFlex TMJ and find the abstract that way.

Finally, I encourage you to call Tufts University School of Dental Medicine. Confirm that Tufts' TMJ center provides TheraFlex to its patients. This TheraFlex TMJ is the real deal. Judge for yourself. Read the below, pull the abstract of the study. Call the professors that ran the study.

Here is the article. Judge for yourself.
Pain cream connects with the jaw bone
San Mateo company brings relief to jaw pain sufferers
By Laura Cunningham, STAFF WRITER

Now, however, a San Mateo-based company has developed Theraflex-TMJ, an herbal-based topical cream that's used to ease muscle pain in the joint connecting the lower jaw and skull, specifically the temporomandibular joint (TMJ).

The compound is rubbed on the skin like any other lotion. It absorbs quickly and has a potent wintergreen aroma.

Though it is not a cure-all, a recent Tufts University study showed that patients who used Theraflex-TMJ experienced 60 percent less pain after two weeks. The findings were published in the Journal of Craniomandibular Practice.

"We found it was effective in reducing TMJ-related pain," said Dr. Noshir R. Mehta, who worked on the study. Mehta is a professor, chairman of general dentistry and director of the Craniofacial Pain Center at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine in the Boston area.

"We're proud of the study," said Dr. Robert Gross, one of the product's three co-founders, who lives in San Mateo.

"We know it works. If we can help 10 million people, we want to do it," added Gross, a longtime researcher who has studied alternative medicine in this country and abroad.

But the little company faces some big hurdles trying to get the product to the masses.

Theraflex-TMJ is not a prescription medicine and doesn't need approval from the Food and Drug Administration.

Commonly, people with TMJ disorder experience symptoms such as speech complications, limited facial mobility, lock jaw, pain, and swelling in the face and neck.

Because 90 percent of people seeking treatment for TMJ disorders are women of child-bearing age, 47 of the 52 subjects who participated in the Tufts study were female.

"You can use a little bit and it goes a long way," said M.J. Sands, a biofeedback technician from Boston who specializes in home pain management and muscle testing of the face and neck at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine. Sands uses the product herself and has recommended that doctors administer it to their patients.

"I use a little bit on my shoulders, neck and back," said Sands. "We've used it for arthritis in the fingers and on the jaw joint for patients. It gets tremendous results." She said the relief is immediate.

Dr. Silvia Lobo, assistant professor at the Craniofacial Pain Center at Tufts University School of Dental Medicine, also worked on the study. In terms of treating TMJ disorders with herbal components, Lobo said, Theraflex-TMJ "is the first of its kind."

TMJ disorders can be so serious, an association was formed to help patients cope with the trauma.

"We don't understand all of the ramifications of TMJ," said Terrie Cowley, president and co-founder of the TMJ Association, a nonprofit based in Milwaukee, Wis.

She said she had not heard of Theraflex-TMJ.

"If you think a miracle cream is going to help our patients," Cowley said, "I would like to see it."

Staff writer Laura Cunningham can be reached at (650) 348-4329 or at


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