TheraFlex® Patented RX
Know the Pain, Know the Relief--
TheraFlex RX® EXTRA STRENGTH Pain Relief

Not just another cream...A Natural Solution to Pain and Stiffness- Bringing Significant, Safe Relief to Pain Sufferers.

Forget the bulky patches or trying to remember when to take a variety of oral medications (and wait for the side effects), when you can get fast, safe and effective relief with
TheraFlex RX® Pain Relief--any time and any place.

TheraFlex RX® technology, applied research findings from well-documented scientific literature and extensive testing, provides a new, multifaceted approach to aid in the relief of pain. This new approach targets natural anti-inflammatory systems that can induce and activate components of the anti-inflammatory process and help promote tissue healing (science). Herbal extracts, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids are added to address other components of injury and to aid in the relief of pain, inflammation, and stiffness--providing maximum benefit directly to the site of pain.

The TheraFlex RX® base is a natural color, water soluble, greaseless, cream. The pleasant vanishing scent is from the extra strength, active, pain-reducing ingredient-- Methyl salicylate (oil of Wintergeen). There are no artificial colors or scents added to TheraFlex RX®. When applied correctly, a small amount rubbed in well, the scent will disappear in 5 to 10 minutes. Washing the area, after thorough application, does not change the effectiveness of TheraFlex RX®. There are varying sensations of heat, with some applications. The intensity of the heat has no relationship to the effectiveness.

It has been clinically shown (abstract) that regular daily usage maximizes the beneficial effects that can aid in reducing inflammation, increase and improve pain relief, and add positive synergistic effects to ones current pain management therapies. TheraFlex RX® can be used on any type of pain, in any area--dad's back, joints, working sister's wrist, fingers, shoulder, arms, grandpa's knees, legs, feet, your little ballerina's stiffness--for the pain of grandma's arthritis, bursitis, junior's pitching arm, tendonitis, fibromyalgia, TMJ, strains, bruises, any soft tissue injury, sports injury, overuse syndrome. There's a TheraFlex RX® for All Your Pains. Never Lose A Day to Pain!

Because of TheraFlex RX’s® unique effectiveness, it is used differently. Apply much smaller amounts than with other topical analgesics and rub in well. Regular use, 2 to 4 times a day, provides long lasting relief, without the side effects and reactions of oral medications.

Changing the Way the World Treats Pain and Injury TheraFlex RX® EXTRA STRENGTH Pain Relief

Theraflex RX Pain Relief