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Thank you!

I feel compelled to write to you about your fabulous Theraflex Rx TMJ cream.  I have suffered from painful jaw spasms that were debilitating.  Nothing alleviated the pain until I tried this product.  It is fantastic.  My symptoms disappeared almost immediately.

I highly recommend this product for anyone who suffers from TMJ problems.

Mesa, Arizona

I cant live without this product when I have a TMJ flareup.



I think it helps. When I experience TMJ pain, I always use Theraflex along with other jaw exercises, heat and ice packs and herbal pain relief, so it’s hard to tell for sure what is relieving the pain.

United Kingdom


More than a year ago I read about Theraflex TMJ on the website of the TMJ association.  They had done a study and found Theraflex TMJ did as good, if not a better job, of relieving TMJ pain.  I believe the study was done by Tufts University.  Since I was suffering a lot with my TMJ then and not getting much relief or attention from either my dentist or oral surgeon, I felt I had nothing to loose.  I found you on the internet, ordered the product and have been using it since.  I apply it twice a day, morning & prior to bedtime.  It seems to interrupt what I can best describe as muscle spasms in my face, and by so doing, eases the pain.  It does take some getting used to the warm sensation when it is first applied, but that soon disappears.  I will continue to use it; it sure beats taking a lot of NSAIDs  or other medication.  The Theraflex TMJ and a muscle relaxant (Flexuril) seem to work for me.

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